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General Information:

Welcome to the online application system for the Choice Programs, Transfers & Registration for Beaufort County Schools! We are currently offering many types of process applications, so please see the colored sections below for more specific information related to your process of interest.

All requests will be checked for accuracy. Any falsification of information may result in a delay and/or your application not being processed.

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Available for 2022-2023 School Year

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Questions? Please contact the school directly...


 Elementary Schools:

 Beaufort Elementary: (843) 322-2600
 Bluffton Elementary: (843) 706-8500
 Broad River Elementary: (843) 322-8400
 Coosa Elementary: (843) 322-6100
 Hilton Head Early Childhood Center: (843) 689-0400
 Hilton Head Elementary: (843) 342-4100
 Hilton Head School for Creative Arts: (843) 342-4380
 Lady's Island Elementary: (843) 322-2240
 MC Riley Elementary: (843) 706-8300
 Mossy Oaks Elementary: (843) 322-2900
 Okatie Elementary: (843) 322-7700
 Port Royal Elementary: (843) 322-0820
 Pritchardville Elementary: (843) 707-0500
 Red Cedar Elementary: (843) 707-0600
 Shanklin Elementary: (843) 466-3400
 St. Helena Elementary: (843) 838-0300
 Whale Branch Elementary: (843) 466-1000


 River Ridge Academy: (843) 836-4600
 Robert Smalls International Academy: (843) 322-2500

Application Technical Support:

 Scribbles Software, LLC

 Technical Support Business Hours:

 Monday - Friday, 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

 Middle Schools:

 Beaufort Middle: (843) 322-5700
 Bluffton Middle: (843) 707-0700
 HE McCracken Middle: (843) 706-8700
 Hilton Head Middle: (843) 689-4500
 Lady's Island Middle: (843) 322-3100
 Whale Branch Middle: (843) 466-3000

 High Schools:

 Battery Creek High: (843) 322-5500
 Beaufort High: (843) 322-2000
 Bluffton High: (843) 706-8800
 Hilton Head High: (843) 689-4800
 May River High: (843) 836-4900
 Whale Branch Early College High: (843) 466-2700

Programmatic & Non-Programmatic Choice Applications:

Programmatic Choice:

Includes: Schoolwide Programs, Academic Programs, and Accelerated Academy/Career and Technical Programs

If another school outside of your zone has a program that your zoned school does not have, with space available, you can request to attend that school and program. Programmatic Choice is not guaranteed and if approved the student must remain active in the program.

Non-Programmatic Choice:

Includes Senior Status, moving from Majority to Minority, and as a sibling of a student approved for a program at the same school. These options are not guaranteed and are dependent on whether space is available.

School Capacity:

School Capacity Guidelines are defined in Beaufort County School District’s Board Policies, Administrative Rules and Procedures under Administration Rule SS-3, Assignment of Students to Schools (XI A-E).

Schools at or over their Defined Capacity:

Applications for schools will be subject to each school’s defined capacity. Some schools, as well as their programs, are currently at or over their capacity and may not be available for Programmatic Choice transfers.

Beaufort County Schools that are currently at or over their defined capacity are:

  • H.E. McCracken Middle School 
  • Hilton Head Island High School 
  • Hilton Head Island Middle School 
  • May River High School
  • Pritchardville Elementary School

Schools Nearing their Defined Capacity:

Applications for schools will be subject to each school’s defined capacity. Some schools are currently nearing their capacity and may have limited availability for Programmatic Choice transfers. If the number of applicants exceeds the availability a lottery will be utilized. Factors such as the school’s forecasted grade level size and program enrollment, as well as individual applicant’s attendance, academics, and discipline records may be used in determining eligibility.

Special Circumstances Choice Applications:

This application is for situations such as health hardship or other similar issues.

Employee Courtesy Applications:

For students of fulltime employees of Beaufort County School District (must be the students’ parent or documented legal guardian). There are limitations for schools listed as "At Capacity".


Each year applications for transfer will be subject to Board of Education Policy. Once approved for a program, the student may remain enrolled until the student completes the grades offered at that school. Transfer requests are granted based on criteria and space availability (may be subject to lottery assignment); therefore, parents should carefully consider the potential effect on the family if their children attend schools in more than one attendance area. Approval of the transfer request for a student does not guarantee that approval will be granted for his/her sibling neither for the same academic year nor for future academic years. Transfers will not be allowed for a student to participate in extra-curricular programs, sports or activities. Upon Administration’s request, records of excessive absences, tardiness, discipline problems, or academics may be grounds for non-approval, non- renewal, or immediate termination of the transfer. Parents must provide transportation to and from school.